Please be advised, what you see here is an educated guess at best.

Amidst media hype and upon deliberate considerations with different people, considering President Buhari’s extended holiday-vacation-medical-check-up-leave has brought me across to two efficiently working theories which I believe would be criminal of me not to share. The first idea is that Buhari is dead (I’m sorry if you find  this thought crude) and the second is that he is in fact alive and well but he is playing deliberate and measured tactics.

At first, my belief was that the president died shortly after his exit from the country. However, the gods are covering this up in a typical fashion to save the country from internal turmoil. Which is both good and bad. It is bad because it will ultimately mean that we can not trust any word that the gods say to us as they would have lies for teeth. It would be good because most of the Nigerians I have spoken to seem to hate the President (I’m sorry this is a bitter truth; Good here is measured on the scale of the perceived general will). This would mean that Vice-President/Acting President Osinbajo would be the President which might bring unprecedented chaos because of the regional sharing of the central power (they will say Yoruba man has done president before now).

The second theory I came across (courtesy of kvng Evy himself) is that the President is both alive and well. The plot twist however is that he has done the ground work and having gained unpopularity decided it would be the best idea to leave the country and vest the powers of the office on the vice president who has been behind the scenes ever since (it would be difficult to fight Osinbajo who has no priors with the people). This is evidenced in the fact that the policies that Acting President Osinbajo has implemented so far have been favourable to both the economic and social climate of the country. In this case I would be in love with the Federalist Deity and respect him almost as much as I presently love  Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Ebora Owu.


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