Numero Uno,  🙂 ! Brands are being built on trust and hardwork. Most people actually have these ideas but have serious difficulties putting it into action. The K.V Qveen of the week has been going on since the begining of time and now we are taking it to a whole new level like i stated earlier when talking about our previous sponsor. 

The latest sponsor for the #QOTW is the prestegious “CONVENIENCIA. One way or the other if you are into the “bridal line” the name must have surely rung a bell. They have grown so big and most of their works have been featured on bella Naija and other wedding blogs and magazines. Conveniencia as the name depicts means convienience and came to life two years ago.

The brain behind this big company and brand is “FEYIKEMI ADEYEYE {A first class student of Information Technology from the university of cape coast, Ghana}” and   “BUNMI AKANDE   { Another super smart enterpreneur and a Mechanical Engineering graduate }” . I wasn’t surprised when they started going this far, they have the brains to show for it. The idea behind this amazing brand was the need to make the planning and celebrating wedding a simple and stress free procedure. They came out with the great idea that would help brides take every single tread towards their big day. An arm of conveniencia is conveniencia blings that designs and supplies bridal accessories. As we all know, Accessories are important to the general look of everyone especially females….They are dealers in all kinds of jewelleries and General accessories like Earrings,headpieces,tiaras,bracelets,bangles,jewelry sets,pearls,veils and clutch purses and so much more. The goal is to keep growing and won’t stop till their pieces beautify everyone. Expect something big!! Stay tuned


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