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KvngEvy is an online company that specializes in entertainment, content writing and online business marketing. We are a start-up online company whose aim is to connect the world together via entertainment and business. The KV Market is a free online market where individuals can post their products for free so as to reach more individuals. Interested buyers contact them and their products get sold.

Furthermore, these individuals can choose to boost their product views by paying additional fees to the company so that their product can top its category making it more accessible to more people and getting more views. There are 3 basic teams in the KvngEvy Marketing department. Real Estates, Automobile x Electronics and Fashion. Each department has a team leader. The function of the team leader is to coordinate the team and make sure the team hits their monthly target. Monthly targets are created to ensure there won’t be laxity in the organization. So, it MUST be met.[the_ad id=”12901″]

Hard work is a priority in the organization so each individual earns based on his/her hard work. As a marketer, depending on your department, you are to sell Ad spaces for the KV Market. In short, you are to make sure your client pays for boosted ads. In return, you get 40% of all sales instantly.The most expensive ad boosting for the market is #20,000. It automatically means you get 40% of #20,000 instantly which is #8,000 once payment has been confirmed. Imagine you work hard to get 20 ads worth #20,000 in a month. That’s 20 x #8,000 = #160,000 in just a month. We believe mostly in hard work. Your earning capability is limitless. Each ad you get is added to your team’s monthly target.

Refusal to meet target means a carryover of the target for the next month and thereby reducing the commission percentage to 30% for all members of that team the next month.[the_ad id=”12901″]

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You are accountable to your team leader and should respect and follow his decisions and orders. Refusal to follow his decisions will come with immediate sanctions after the matter has been thoroughly investigated.


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