Something big is coming this November! Something quite unique and  idiosyncratic is coming to the world of blogging. Lol I’m pushing it. 

Have you ever visited aminatawastories? Oh well, if you haven’t you are missing. I can always relate to most of her stories. The Queen blogger has come forth with a new series she titled “The Girlfriends Ish”

I then dug deeper to find out what the concept was all about. She said,

“One of the new things coming up on the blog is a reality series I decided to with my friends and we decided to call it ‘Girlfriends’ish’.

On Girlfriends’ish we will discuss a lot of random issues that mostly affects our lives as girls and as friends, you will get to see what makes us thick even though we have all our differences, how we manage to stay together as friends, here you will get to see the true meaning of friendship and you will most definitely get an exclusive insight into our gossip life. After all, what is a group of girls without gossip?

We talk about things ranging from, fashion, music, movies, beauty, ambitions, dreams, aspirations, and of course boys and men (Two different things entirely).

Girlfriends’ish consists of four girls, me (Aminatawa), Mia, Kiki and Tiny, with different shapes, sizes, colour, personalities and religion. We see the world differently yet, we are alike in many ways. And oh, I almost forgot, you will also get to read about our epic fights and arguments about everything and nothing. Did I also tell you we tend to gang up against Fuckboys? Well, you are about to join us on the journey of our lives as 21st century girls, and it is a bumpy ride. So, fasten your seatbelts.

Girlfriends’ish Premieres on the 26th November, 2016 and you definitely don’t want to miss it for anything in the world.

She then came out to introduce “The Girlfriends”.



“First we have Mia, the tall, dark and handsome pretty one among us. She is literally the tallest and with her, there is no dull moment. She can be very hyperactive a times, sometimes to a fault but, she is fun loving, girl with a wonderful voice (this girl can sing fire). And, she is also a Taurus.

Her attitude towards life is when life gives you lemons you use it to make a lemonade face/body scrub. Her spirit animal is Koala and, her favourite music is R&B.

Mia loves to cook, sing, and play dress up; she also likes to hang out the girls (we all love to). She is also a new ‘initiate’ to the fit fam world (So you know what that booty do) wink

She hates snitches, her turn on is money, her turn off; fuckboys.

Mia’s goals are to become a fashion designer/illustrator and a jeweller. (You should see the masterpieces this girl creates with her hands.)


This is Tiny and, she is literally the tiniest in the group but don’t underestimate her o, because she is literally small but mighty. And, she is also an Aquarius

Her spirit animal is a bunny; you guys know how those things can be cute one minute and the next minute they are fierce; well, that’s Tiny.

She listens to any kind of music depending on her mood. She’s a serious beard gang fan that she can kill for a man with beards, oh and she is obsessed with her non-existent booty.

She is a happy go lucky kind of person, she likes dancing, and sleeping and she also likes to feel as if she can sing.

Her turn on, apart from beards, is a wonderful outfit, she hates cunning and fake people and her turn off like Mia; fuckboys.

Her goals are to become a beauty/hairstylist and a computer expert.


Meet Kiki, 5’3, light-skinny girl in transit, cute and cancer.

Her attitude towards life is when she gets there, she will build a bridge and she’ll cross the bridge. Her spirit animal is Unicorn (all things cute, you know)

She loves any kind of music but, rap comes first. She can kill to have the perfect hair (wigs, weaves and all), the perfect picture (that is why her picture is different from ours) and the perfect outfit.

She like comfort (totally hates stress), dancing, cleaning, reading novels, listening to music, singing, pressing phone (excuse my language, this girl can press phone for Africa), anything cute and interior décor.

She totally hates rats, injections and travelling, in that particular order. Her turn on, nice scents, people that have her back and come through for her. Her turn off, fuckboys (like the rest of us) and sly people.

Her goals are to become a creative/fashion designer. (You need to see what she does with colours)


And last but, not the least is me Aminatawa; light skin, average height, cancer and pretty.

My attitude towards life is Zero tolerance although my friends think I have Zero chill but, I prefer the word tolerance.

I don’t know my spirit animal o , but when I asked these girls, they said Penguin ‘of Madagascar’ Na dem sabi.

My favourite music; any music that agrees with my mood and trust me I do have nasty mood swings.

I don’t like stress and I don’t like school.

Turn on; food, outfit, nice scent, accent (British, even if I don’t have one, my children must have)

Turn off: I don’t even need to say it but FUCKBOYS, cunning people, and two- faced bitches.

My goals are to become a well acclaimed writer, a beauty entrepreneur and of course a super blogger.

So this is us; the Girlfriends and you will get to watch us in action from the November 26th so, keep it a date with us.

Keep it locked! They are all coming with fire… exclusive on “AMINATAWASTORIES



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