A bloodthirsty and evil husband has done the unthinkable after he brutally murdered his wife by cutting her into pieces so that he could go to Thailand to enjoy a s*x holiday.

A German husband who killed his Filipino wife and sliced her body into eight pieces because she stood in the way of his Thailand s*x holiday has been jailed for life, Dailymail reports.
The man had murdered his wife because he wanted to enjoy a s*x holiday in Thailand with prostitutes. Horst Koenig, 53, bludgeoned his 37-year-old Filipino wife Grace with a hammer when she was fast asleep in bed.
He then sliced her body with a reciprocating saw and bundled the parts into a rented warehouse locker before jetting off to Thailand for an ‘exciting’ getaway. Today he was found guilty of the ‘particularly callous’ crime and sentenced to life in prison.
He had previously admitted killing his wife of ten years before clearing her bank account for his s*x fest.
Koenig turned a ghostly white when District Judge Christoph Wiesner in Augsburg, Bavaria announced his verdict saying: ‘Such a motive is shocking for the court.’  
He confessed at the Augsburg State Court and gave details of the horrific murder.
‘I had check lists made, I worked it all out,’ the chemical laboratory assistant told judges.
Grace, from the Philippines, had endured a marriage filled with his infidelity, said prosecutors. He wanted to take a s*x holiday but knew she would ‘have to be out of the way,’ they said in court.
In Pattaya he met up with a woman he chatted with on the Internet. He told the court: ‘What she promised seemed exciting and many of my secret desires seemed to come true. I wanted to be with this woman.’
Five weeks later, when his money was spent on Thai prostitutes and his visa had expired, Koenig returned to Germany where he was arrested.
The court said Koenig acted out of treachery and greed.
The judge said: ‘You can decide for yourself, whether you make true the words you spoke during the trial and accept the blame for which you have been charged.’
Grace’s sisters were relieved by the verdict. Their lawyer Mandana Mauss, 45, said: ‘They did not want revenge. They wanted justice for their sister. Now they can put the ordeal behind them.’
Even though the German computer expert was sentenced to life imprisonment, he may be eligible for early release when he is 74 years old under German law.

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