Have you ever been in a conversation with a person or set of people, where your topic of discussion is about a lady or a gentleman that is insecure? (We all have been in that conversation) Our conclusion is mostly that the individual is insecure based on certain characteristics.

Insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable or inferior in some way which threatens one’s self image or ego.

A lot of us are quick to accuse the other person of being insecure, but is insecurity really a bad thing? I believe that we all are insecure about one thing or the other that affects our lives. Our live is a continuous cycle, we go through one thing today, wake up the next morning, question where we are and we feel we have lost our way.

Who am I? What have I accomplished? What have my mates accomplished?

I believe insecurity is not a bad thing, depending on what you make out of it and how you become secure again. It is normal and it is bound to happen to anybody. If you are not insecure then you will probably know some that is.

There are some people who know they are insecure and still like to play the I am so together game (not that it is bad), It is inevitable in this world of ours, however having a solution and getting out of it is paramount.

Insecurity can help in:

  1. Self improvement: Instead of focusing on the worst of ourselves, we could channel all the energy into becoming a better person and also setting higher goals for us. We focus on ourselves, our strengths, and by doing this we start our journey to a more secured life.
  2. Communication: We all have self doubt at some point in our lives, being able to open up about our situation can help us get better. Do not be scared about opinions of others, people will talk anyway, instead seek help from a professional.
  3. Discovery – People tend to find their way on their journey to becoming secure again. Discover your strengths and invest in them. Instead of letting self doubt, you can use your discovery as a baton to propel higher.


Insecurity is not a bad thing, but avoid staying too long in that  position. We all have high points and low points in live, which is irrespective of age, class, power, gender etc.


It is part of life, it is part of who we are and who we are becoming….


kindly let me here your thoughts on insecurity. What is is the best way to deal with insecurity?

Till next time,


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