KvngEvy had a little chat with NNIFER KES earlier today… Here is what she had to say and she had a lot to tell her fans!

EVY: So, how was day 1 of voting like?
KES: It was scary and stressful. Broadcasting and all but then there was this joy and confidence that came along with it. I felt happy and good.

EVY: Speaking of confidence, are you still confident of victory after losing your lead to both Tope and Emma?
KES: Yes. Very.

KES: I love that confidence…

EVY: A word to your new and current fans.
A word to Tope and Emma.
KES: To my fans, I thank them so much because they set out so little of their time to just like my picture. I mean those votes couldn’t come if I stood as an island. They are my helping hands, my supporters and I love them. I started this competition with so much confidence in myself that I’ll win and with the love they’ve shown, my confidence grew larger and strong. I say to my fans, thank you so much. I love you all and God bless you all for your generosity. As you’ve given me your support, time and vote so shall you receive in any aspect of your life that you’ll need help.
To Tope. I remember how little she started and all of a sudden she was top. Damn. She’s got magic mehn and so much love and support. To Emma, you were behind me and now ahead. That’s really good. They are both strong and challenging competitors and I love that. I wish them all the best.

EVY: Amazing sportsmanship spirit….
have an amazing day 2 of #QOTW

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