The IELTS Question: Fair or Not?

This is a question I believe if taken seriously will lead to grave consequences.
So there is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) used to test international students who intend to attend schools in certain countries across the world. This requirement is as stringent as God’s commandments to the Israelites.
This morning, one of my housemates tells me that he would rather school in Germany than in Canada because of the IELTS requirement. This I found interesting because he is a medical doctor. His bone of contention is that why would the IELTS be necessary for him when his country was colonized by the British (the fathers of English Language), his Lingua Franca is English and every transcript that is his is written in the English Language so it is gross disrespect to him and this great country of ours.
So I gave it a minute’s thought.
While not obviously penned down in history, it is very clear that the soil in the geographical terrain known as Nigeria has been listening to the voices that have spoken English since 1886 at least (reference to the Berlin Conference). Also, we all know that since the missionaries first appeared in the regions of the Calabar and Lagos, they taught the indigenes the Language of their home. So from this, we can deduce that the language has been in our geographical territory for over 100 years.
After the exit of the colonialists, the nationalists decided that no other language would be better for the country than English Language. So since 1960, (57 years) we have communicated primarily in English language starting from schools, religious centers, mass media, social media and institutions of government.
So my question is thus served: why would a country with official language of English need to be tested in said language? (especially after graduating with a degree from universities that use English as the official language of communication and education).
Wouldn’t that amount to disrespect  and injustice?

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