Strange things keep happening in this world, Africa to be precise. Men and women of God are not really who they claim to be. So what is the whole point of lying to people. Money i guess…

A woman has cried out in horror after her man got snatched from her firm grasp by a female prophet she sought help from. 

Thembeni Mzolo
A South African woman identified as Thembeni Mzolo is not a happy woman at the moment. She has been left heartbroken after a prophet allegedly stole her husband from her.
And to add insult to injury, she knows that her runaway husband and his prophet lover are having fun just a few blocks away while she sits at home, alone and heartbroken.
According to Daily Sun SA, Thembeni Mzolo (61), from Emgangeni Village in Umzinto, KZN, South Africa revealed that when her husband, Simon Mzolo (63) got ill in 2010, she took him to a prophet not far from where they lived.
“I trusted that prophet with my life,” said Thembeni. “But I shouldn’t have trusted her with my husband. 
“That was the last time I heard from Simon. That woman stole my husband away.”
Simon Mzolo 
She told that Daily Sun Simon fell in love with the prophet.
“I don’t know if that woman used muthi (magic) to help steal my husband.”
Thembeni said watching Simon living with another woman makes her feel dead inside.
“I didn’t know she was a man snatcher. The pain I feel can’t be explained. I don’t know what to do.”
She said they have four children and seven grandchildren who all live with her.
“But he doesn’t even buy them a packet of chips, while buying groceries for the children of this new woman.”
She said Simon had never given any trouble when it came to other women until now.
“In our 38 years of marriage he has never been unfaithful.”
She said the healer is the widow of a local pastor. Simon did not deny that he was dating the prophet, Mama Maduna.
“My wife fought with me a lot and that is why I have moved away from her. But I don’t want to divorce her and I don’t want to take Mama Maduna as my second wife.”
The prophet who allegedly stole the woman’s husband
He said they are just enjoying each other and said he supports his family financially.
Prophet Viona Maduna (59) admitted that she was in a relationship with Simon.
“I can’t explain how we fell for each other but I certainly didn’t use magic.”
She made it very clear that she was not dependent on Simon for money.
“I’m not eating any of his money.”
And she said she has a registered marriage at Home Affairs and is not planning on marrying a second time.
“We’re just having fun,” she said.

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