go to the yorubas

Today in history, a boy was born and a man was killed.

On June 12, 1993, Nigeria witnessed what commentators and spectators have labeled by far the most free, fair and credible general elections since the exit of the colonial masters till date (which is incredibly amazing). Proper Democracy was born but its father was killed and with no father, a boy can scarcely survive in this world.

After the success of that election, Chief M.K.O Abiola was declared the winner by no small margin. This led to merriment on the streets because that meant that torture of military rule was finally over. What must be taken into consideration is the fact that the man was a Yoruba man, from the South Western part of Nigeria, which was a major ethnic group but had never been involved in any antagonism with any other major ethnic group. Unfortunately the man was murdered in cold blood by the military regime after they annulled the elections on the grounds that the results were untrustworthy because the elections were heavily rigged. Thus M.K.O as he was popularly called became a martyr for the Yoruba peoples and Nigerian politics in general. This led to a nationwide protest by all the Yoruba peoples and the military was employed to keep the peace. We all know what this means – people died in their thousands the day the annulment was announced.

Of course with such a blatant disregard for the Yoruba people’s feelings and hopes, such a manner of disregard is good enough reason for the south west to demand secession from Nigeria, however, till this day, all the Yoruba people have for the martyr is one public holiday and a moment of silence to remember all the people who died from the resulting chaos.

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What i have been driving at is to disrepute the secessionist plea of the south easterners by rephrasing the popular expression by saying “Go to the Yorubas”.

Also, a moment of silence to honour those who died for a just cause.

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