In this write up, I will like to introduce to you the Supreme Deity of Nigeria. He is whom we call God. He is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

According to the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we the peoples of Nigeria having firmly and solemnly resolve have agreed to operate a Federalist and Presidential State structure consisting of 36 states and the federal capital territory.

In very simple English, this implies that on paper, Nigeria is to be made up of a central government and a highly decentralised structure of equally structured component parts.

This is where it gets interesting. Apparently from what I read in the textbooks and the kind of federalism we practice in Nigeria, someone lied to us. There is no equal structuring of powers and the local governments have it worse. They literally said one thing and wrote something else on paper.

What I have noticed from the inception of the fourth republic in 1999 is that there is an overconcentration of powers in the federal government. What I actually really noticed is that everybody knows this and nobody is doing anything about it.

This has led to a situation I like to call Overcelebration of one of the gods – the President or the supreme deity in Nigerian politics. Hence every now and then we have a god we can look up to and blame for anything. “Oh we do not have food to eat, what the President is doing there?”; “Oh there is so much corruption, what is the President doing there?” We have thus become overdependent on our new god, the President (I literally think the fact that this post is coming late because I have not had electricity to work is the President’s fault, I mean what is the President doing there?)

I have learned that the politicians who we vote for are elected to represent us. This is the core concept of modern day democracy. These people are elected to carry our wishes and to celebrate us as supreme after all, there is no Nigeria without its human population. They are elected to serve us. Somehow the tables have turned and we find ourselves outside the door of the gods’ home – waiting, watching, begging and praying they are nice enough to feed us the crumbs.

The most distressing fact is that the huge fence that was the distinction between lead and rule has been felled. In a democracy, leaders lead by making decision and getting their hands dirty while to rule on the other hand is to give directions, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. The gods promised us leadership and now all I can see is rulership.

the supreme deity today

The strange but good thing is that we get to change supreme deities occasionally (although we know it wasn’t free, fair and credible elections) so we can live at the mercy of different shades of merciful and mean. So we have relief in the fact that if we have a terrible supreme deity now, it could get better in a couple of years. We relax and sit with our wrists forever in an affair with our eyes. We wait for time to go and we console each other with small talk like “the next election is not far away, it will be our turn to wield power then” as though we do not know we are not in control of those who rule (sorry lead) us.

The unfortunate truth is that we have been colonised by our brethren both materially and mentally. So we place our focus on the next best thing, we do not fight. We ask the one God who created these gods to help us. We remove our eyes from the battle field. We look up when the battle is on the ground. So we lose, we lose hope, we lose track of time and we will most likely lose our children’s futures.

How do we save ourselves? We fight. We fight for our lives and destinies and though some of us may die physical deaths, it would be better than to move around as walking dead.

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