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Currently, as it is, Thwo raw has a total of 211 votes that’s 11 votes behind Yayra who is currently occupying the 3rd position! She is currently struggling to keep up! Can she surprise us as day 3 voting starts? Speaking of the celebrity model who came third in the debut episode of #QOTW! Can she claim what has been lost? 

You are right behind Yayra in 4th place so can you categorically tell us now that you can still make it
 Thwo Raw: Yes I can still make it, its day 2 of the competition, still telling masses to vote, so I’m up giving at all

Evy: How would you feel if after the second trial you don’t make it?
Thwo Raw: Well, by all means, i will be sad, that would not deter me from always being proud i joined again. Winners never give up…

Evy: I love that spirit!!! So determined! The competition is still young and quite stiff. Are ur current competitors stronger than Queen Angela?
Thwo Raw: No not at all, Angela was a viper with tactics, and i admire her for that

Evy: A viper! Wow. So you are telling me they are not up to standards and you are certain of success
Thwo Raw: No, i didnt say that they are not up to standard, one thing i hv learnt is not to underestimate anyone, every one has unique potential, and i am certain i will rise to the top..🙏🏾

Evy: Lol. At the moment who do you fear the most?
Thwo Raw: No one. I am a lioness
Evy: Wawu!!  The stealth win?
Thwo Raw: 😎😎

Evy: A quick message to those at the top and your fans both old and current
Thwo Raw: To the girls @ the top, Beware cos im coming for ur position. To my fans, pls keep supporting me as always ..much love
Evy: Have an amazing week and good luck 👍 ✌
Thwo Raw: Thanks hun


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