Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state has stirred another controversy with his prediction of 22 things he says may happen in Nigeria in the year 2017.

Fayose has predicted that there would be a major uprising against President Muhammadu Buhari in 2017.
The governor who said on Friday, December 23, that 90 per cent of his 2016 prophesies came to pass in 2016, urged Nigerians to take seriously his predictions for 2017 as he was being led by the Holy Spirit when he made the forecast. 

Fayose also called on Nigerians to be prayerful to avert further calamities in the county after which he made 22 predictions he said would occur in 2017.

One of the highlights of his predictions for the coming year is that there will be major revolution and uprising against the federal government because of economic hardship. 

He also said the economy will move from recession to depression and that a formerhead of state/president may pass on among others predictions.

However, condemnation from Nigerians have trailed Fayose’s predictions with some accusing the governor of leaving his administrative duties to settle for trivial matters.

Others cast doubts on the governors prediction and urged him to pay the Ekiti state workers who he has been owing salaries for five months. 

Some of the comments below… 

One commentator with the user name Aberagi Scope Dee, said: “If Holly spirit can be with fayose then the source of that Holly Spirit is questionable.”

Ayo Olaniyan concurred when he said: “Certainly, there are spirits but it can’t be the Holy Spirit.”

Similarly, Yetunde Lawal said: “Stop the blasphemy about the holy spirit talking to u.”

as for David Tassa he cast faulted Fayose’s prediction by referring to them as: “2017 rivers of lies.”

Some other group were more vicious in their attack of Fayose for his prophecies:

Ogunjimi Shakirudeen Adewale: “This mad man is wicked has no good intention for this country. I pray all ur prophetic shall com to pass on u and ur family but not we masses and Nigeria.”

Francis Gberkon: “Holy spirit will soon lead u to jail.”

Johnings Plazz: “This foolish mans prophesies depicts the mind of PDP as a party and their followers! This is what they have always wished for Nigeria.”

Sbat D Classical Arch: “This man is not a gud Nigerian n he never aim gud for dis country. wat a shame,n dis man is a governor of one state. Ekiti pple don enter one chance. Back to sender by God grace.Does this man think God is as wicked as he is.”

Ibrahim Yusuf: “While your mates are doing economic integration culminating in the growing and selling of food crops, you are here seeing vision with the aid of dust that has beclouded your eyes. Go and collaborate with another state to resuscitate igbimo rice in your state and stop being lazy.”

Muhammad Umar: “You are stupid do good to your peaple.”

Spencer Samuel: “He forgot to tell his god to give him money to pay his workers salary of 5months.”

Adeyeye Adam Adeshakin: “The same man who claimed dat chibok girls will never return, Mr FAYOSE( An animal in human skin)”

So where do you stand on the issue, Do you believe Fayose was led by the Holy Spirit to make the predictions for 2017?


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