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The popular term that says fall down 7 times, stand up 8 times is the perfect way I can describe this scenario. Tope ended 4th in our last episode of # QOTW. Well, she refused to give up and re-contested with the approval of the team.

In the early hours of yesterday, Tope was 4th but before the end of day 1 voting, she took the lead with an incredible gap!
Second runner-up for episode one of QOTW “THWO RAW” has said that,
“Based on logistics, I am routeing for Tope. I hope she wins because she is putting in a lot of efforts”
Here are excerpts from the chat: 
EVY: what’s up
so how was day 1 of voting like?
TOPE: Interesting and encouraging

EVY: how were u able to manage to turn things around so fast mhen??
TOPE: Kudos to my loved ones
They all really stood by me

EVY: So encouraging? Do you think you can maintain this lead because Nnifer kes and Emma are both coming for you
TOPE: God dey my back and my fans are not sleeping as well

EVY: You know that thought you are leading by almost 100 votes Emma can still catch up? What are your plans to avoid this?
TOPE: I just have to keep spreading and tell my fans to keep doing d same thing
I believe with God nothing is impossible

EVY: Nice motivation
Enjoy day 2 of #Qotw
TOPE: Thanks

EVY: A word to EMMA QUANSAH? The current first runner-up
I don’t feel like saying anything
Hope that’s fine by you
EVY: no problem ya
have fun okay….

She really tried to avoid publicity though… Lol… Currently she stands at 355 votes.

Use the hashtag #TopeQotw to support her on social media


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