Princess Nadine is vicious and has refused to give up her number one spot! She is holding on to it so tightly and is strengthening her lead. Let’s not underestimate the powers of Chidinma who is right behind her and is ready to grasp any opportunity given to her to win! Here is what Nadine had to say about Chidinma! 


Evy: So how do u feel about the whole competition so far?
Princess Nadine: It’s been very competitive, exciting and scary at the same time

Evy: Lol’ scary? how
 Nadine: The first few hours after voting started I was at the bottom of the pull I was scared to even vote for myself most of my friends were like wow Nina this is not looking good for you I think u should post the link on your IG bio that should be a start

Evy: Lol and you got to the top at the end of day 1
Nadine: Yeah I did thanks to my mum, siblings and friends both home, Ghana and abroad

Evy: What do u have to say about Chidima who is right behind you and definitely coming for you
Nadine: Lol yes Chidima was my biggest competition when I saw her votes I was blown away like blown away 😊 she definitely has a lot of fans

Evy: Do you still think you can maintain the lead even with her massive fan base
Nadine: Yes I can I’m confident about that

Evy: Besides plans to bring you down by any means possible so are you prepared?
Nadine: Very prepared

Evy: Apart from Chidinma, who else is your biggest competitor
Nadine: For now none just Chidinma

Evy: Amazing.
Nadine: Thank You.
Evy: A quick message for you new and old fans
Nadine: Ooh yes the fans I’m so grateful and I really appreciate yall for taking out time from your busy schedule to vote for me and I’m gonna make y’all proud, it’s gonna be worth it. *kisses *💋

Evy: Finally do you have any message for Chidinma?
Nadine: She’s beautiful and strong willed and I wish her all the best in the competition

Evy: It’s amazing having you on the show 😁😁😁
Evy: Good luck 🙌🏽
Nadine: Thanks

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