The competition gets stiffer as day 2 voting is coming to a close and only one point separates both Yayra and Thwo raw! 208 and 209 respectively! So who is going to be? Remember winner takes it all!!! Speaking to the student model and award winning model, here is what she had to say about THWO RAW AND CHIDINMA!

Evy: ⁠⁠⁠So how do u feel about the competition so far?  How has the experience been
Yayra:  Well, it’s competitive, scary at the same time fun. Scary in a way that winner takes all so if u r beaten with just a vote u still loose and you get nothing

Evy: Lol so the hard work remains paramount. Fun too cuz u see how far u going
Evy: You have been third for a while now but you seem to forget someone is coming for you! “Thwo Raw”. She came 3 in our debut episode
Yayra: I have seen that long time ago. We both on the run, Still getting to family and friends to keep voting n telling their friends and family to vote. Since yesterday I have picked up people’s phones to vote for myself. That’s how crazy it has been I laugh after I vote

Evy: Loooooool.  Have you ever been in a similar competition before?
Yayra: Well I have been nominated in some awards in the past two years. Am a model, Model of the year, Runway model of the year and Photo model of the year
Evy:  Wow! How many have u copped tho
Yayra: Lol Only one. Then I won Ucc Src model of the year 2016/2017 academic year which was great
Evy: That’s amazing. You hope to pull the same strings that made you win the award?
Yayra: Yes I do
Evy: Let’s see what strings you have up ur sleeves lol. Do you have any message for  “Thwo Raw” and Chidinma?
Yayra:  Lol Yes I do.  It’s a competition and I like the speed they are moving with but they should watch their back cuz the over taking I will do at the end of the tracks 😊😊😊😊. They will be surprised and wonder “where did she come from?”
Evy: 😱😱. Now that’s what I’m talking about 😈
Yayra: 😂😂😂
Evy: It’s so amazing having you on the show. Before I forget any message for you new and old fans
Yayra: To the old am your girl and you are aware of what I can do, to the new fans you won’t regret standing by my side and you will enjoy the journey with me. Thank you all. It’s because of you both that I am here 😘😘😘
Yayra: Nice talking to u

Evy: Have an amazing week 😁.
Yayra: U too  🙏🏻

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