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KENS DESKS :The foundation government of today

Nigeria was one of the fast growing economy in the world as at 2015 how sad such a distance turn around as regards the state of economy today

as many businesses, individuals, organisation and manufacturing industries are at a low intensive in the every day productivity. President Muhammadu Buhari on regular occasion have continue to blame his predecessors for Nigeria’s woes looking at it in a very realistic way we should understand the previous government also made efforts to drive the economy but still quote president Muhammadu Buhari he said” When we came in, I screamed to high heavens because I had promised a lot while seeking votes.

“I asked, where is the saving? There was no saving. There was no infrastructure, power, rails, roads, there was none. What did we spend the money on? I was told (on) buying food and petrol.

“Where were the billions going? We conducted a study and found out that the oil marketers were committing fraud on at least one-third of what they were importing, which was about 25 per cent of our foreign exchange.
many could see these as a means of excuse to cover himself and his government,as regards his government and some ministers who many say they are not capable for holding such ministerial positions.Even as the fight for corruption take a lead in the president Muhammadu Buhari administration we hope and pray the game table change for the people’s will.we are not sure what policies the present government have put in place to get the country out of recession where hardship have taken the country by strom,the national house of Representatives have call upon the president to the house to highlight means planned to get the country out of the current ardship.

We advice all Nigerians in both home and abroad to continue praying for our motherand Nigeria.

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